Hope Lead Vocals Rafael Valencia Bass Fofi Lancha Drummer Lindsey Blair Lead Guitar


The Hope Band is what you get when professionals  with over 20 years of experience come together to   make good music, and good times. With Hope on Lead Vocals, Lindsey Blair on Lead Guitar, FoFi (Adolfo Lancha) on Drums and Rafael Valencia on Bass,there's a mix of talent and a "who's who" of U of M Alumni.

Here are some of the best musicians in South Florida, bar none!

 Hope, was born in Chicago, IL., the 4th child in a family of 7, 3 girls and 4 boys. If I had to describe LaTanja, two words come to mind Natural Talent. Her strong chops and passionate delivery never disappoints. Her tough life experiences have honed her into a singing dynamo such as you have rarely experienced. At the age of 8 she lost her younger brother Lawrence run over and killed by a car, it left an early emotional scar that she draws on to this day.

Her career began on a coffee table at the age of 6 with a brush as the mic, she made dozens of guest appearances at her parents parties. Her next arena the church would help her develop her God given talent to the fullest, Pews and seats would quickly fill up, when Latanja was going to sing. Her vibrant and soulful voice put her in demand every Sunday. During High School she frequently sang in school plays and musicals, being awarded for her efforts at every level.

She has one original christian CD and an current original R&B single.  (To Trayvon Martin....One Mother to Another ).  At the age of 20 she was on her way to being a star, a death in the family and a crushing blow at an audition in Disney World, drove her to seek solace in the church. When she lived
in Orlando, she auditions for the part in the musical Cinderella at Disney World. When it was her time to sing she stole the show, other contestants were getting up and walking out. The remainder gave her a standing ovation. The judges gave her the lowest score of everybody. Well she was crushed and ran out of the building. One of the judges followed her and told her she won the audition but they just couldnt pick her for the part of Cinderella. Over 20 years later shes coming out and you will have the pleasure of



 Hope knew at an early age, she had a gift from God!  

The Hope Band is what you get when seasoned professionals come together to make good times and good music!







June 22, 2013 J's BAR 8pm

2778 Davie Blvd Fort LauderdaleFL 33312







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Friday the 27th. Hope&Jezreel Production @2013 All Right Reserve.